Deciding Who You Are When Fate Gets Messy

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I believe that destiny is not so unknowable.

So many people wonder how their life is going to turn out.

Where am I going to end up?
What will my ultimate legacy and contribution be in the world?
Will I live a good life?
Will I have success?
Will I make it?
Will I have the wealth and influence I need to achieve the things I want to achieve and contribute the things I want to contribute?

Often people ask and say those things from such a disempowering place, as if they believe they have no hand in their destiny, and it’s all driven by fate, all driven by luck or blessings. And the truth is, it is driven by some of those things.

But I think most of our life — and where we’re going to end up in our lives — really comes down to three simple things.

And that first thing is deciding who you’re going to be.

We shouldn’t hope to end up one day, a magnificent, strong, beautiful, capable, kind, loving person. We should start living like that today hopefully, so that we become that.

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