Website Content Updates Policy

How many updates can I get with my plan?

You can request free updates as follows:

What do you consider updates?

In order to help our clients get the best value for their money we consider 1 update the following: creation of a new page of your site, creation of a new section of your website, creation of a new contact form, creation of a new picture gallery, creation of a new blog post, uploading a new article, uploading a small group of graphics or images, creation of a small group of new links, etc.

If I want to update a banner or change just a bit of text, do you consider these changes as an update?

No. If you need a very small update, we will be happy to assist you, free of charge. You will need to open a Support Ticket and our team will update it for you.

How can I request an update for my website?

If you need updates please contact our Support Team and open a Support Ticket in order to process your request. The update will be done on a first come first served basis.

If I need more updates or special requests, how much do you charge?

If you need special updates such us, website customization, special code or programming, website redesign, etc. You can contact support, and you will receive a quote for your special request.