Professional Plan

Get your website created, up and running fast.

A graphic designer will also be specifically assigned for your project. You will get basic cloud web hosting.

Start with what you need and move to more powerful options as your business and website grows.


3,990 THB / Month

No minimums, no
long-term contracts


Free Domain Name

You will get 12 months free domain name registration for your website in selected payments terms. We strongly suggest you to get a .com domain if possible. The “com” in .com stands for commercial, which is why the extension is so popular with businesses. Even so, the .com extension isn’t exclusively for business use.

Wordpress Managed Suite

You will get installed and customized 1 Wordpress Managed site that is fast, stable and also easy to use and update. Your website will load quickly in a variety of platforms and browsers, be easy to navigate. 

Content Delivery Network CDN

Using Rackspace's industry-leading network, we employ a custom map of over 200 edge locations on six continents, designed to meet the specific needs of our global client footprint. Included are North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, and South America.

Top Web Design Features 

25 Pages Site

We will create up to 25 pages for your website that can be scaled month after month. These pages can contain About section, Products and Services, Picture Galleries, Videos, Music, Blog, Pricing, Packages, Office & Project details, etc.

Homepage Image Slider

You will get crafted and customized 1 Premium Image Slider for your Home Page where you can display Pictures, Banners, Media or any other information related to your Project, Business or Company.

Basic Contact Form

You will get a professional basic contact form module configured in your site, therefore your visitors, prospects and clients can reach you easily directly into your inbox. 

Website Security

You will receive a set of tools installed in your website to keep hackers away to avoid damage from being done by strangers.

Monthly Updates

Once your website is online, the Professional Plan includes xx updates per week. Updates include adding new content or modifying existing one, changing pictures, creating new sections, our Design Team will get you covered. You can read about Update Policy here.

Manual Search Engine Submission

Once your website is finished and you are happy with the results, we will manually submit it to the main Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing among others. A site map will also be created and submitted.

Top Graphic Design Features 

Premium Business Cards

You will get out the box 4 Premium business cards concepts. The classic business card is still the most effective way to present your company to potential clients, give a good first impression with a professional business card.

Image Slider Assets

You are entitled to receive 6 slider pictures per month with your Professional Plan. Your home page is the main focus of attention for your internet visitors, and the slider is the perfect place to promote your products and services, we help you to show your best.

Premium Logo Design

You are entitled to receive 2 Logo Design Concepts. Each concept is a different idea for your company logo. The designs are created taking into consideration your selected logo preferences, strategic plan, and target market.

Facebook Profile Picture, Covers or Banners

You are entitled to get 3 Free Facebook Covers or Banners per month. Facebook is one of the most important social networks, and the best way make community with your prospects and clients, keep it alive and deliver valuable content often. On top of that, you are entitled to receive 3 Facebook Profile Pictures every 30 days. The Profile Picture is a key element to differentiate your Facebook posts from others, let's make sure it is representative of your business and memorable for your clients.

Extra Logo Revisions

You are entitled to request up to 5 logo revisions. Each logo revision will allow you to change, from your previous selected logo, font colors, distribution and position of graphic elements, change other details previously displayed in selected versions, etc.

Twitter Cover & Background

You are entitled to receive 1 Twitter cover & 1 Twitter background per month. Twitter is the second most popular social network and has become the preferred option for government agencies, TV, radio shows, and celebrities to communicate with their followers. Show a fresh and updated cover & background in your account.

Top Cloud Hosting Infrastructure Features

Type of Hosting

Managed Virtual Private Server running Linux (Ubuntu) 

1 Core Processor - 1 GB Memory

Disk Space 

6 GB Solid State Drive - SSD

Monthly Bandwith

0,4 TB (Terabytes) = 400 GB

Content Delivery Network - CDN

Rackspace Premium CDN included

Online Technical Support

No matter if you are old or young, we are here to help you understand our products and services, which ones will work well together for your project or business. We will answer your questions, assist you and don’t worry, all Bangkok Web Studio Support Team will go the extra mile.

No installation or technical skills needed

All the technology and design is handled for you, so you can focus solely on your message and your ideas.