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Important Marketing Tools.

The brochure is a highly versatile marketing tool for any new or growing business or project. It can be used inside a letter, an ad, a catalog, a flyer, or even as part of a sales presentation. Furthermore, a well-done brochure can be one of the most flexible tools in your entire marketing toolkit.

While it may seem like a complicated production, a brochure is nothing more than a short, folded piece of paper that talks about your business and its services or products. A brochure can tell a prospect or client a lot about what you do in a very small space.

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Professional stationery tells your clients and leads that the business is professional and legitimate. Quality will leave a long lasting impression and is very important because it not only identifies the business, but it is also an effective marketing tool.

What information should contain your brochure:

  • Headline / Title / Logo
  • Benefits Information
  • Products or Services Information
  • How it works
  • Testimonials / Client Success Stories (if available)
  • Call to Action

The relatively low cost of producing brochures compared with other marketing options adds to their value for small businesses.

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