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Your Website, CMS based

The old approach to "static" website design was to hire someone on an hourly rate each and every time you wanted to create, make changes or additions to your website. The idea of a CMS is not new. What is new is the way CMS’s have evolved into affordable, easy-to-use systems within the average business’s reach.

A Content Management System is a web based piece of software that allows to perform updates, creation and management of your website's content without the need for any programming knowledge. It is not restricted to just content, some advanced Content Management Systems enable you to create users, manage security, increase search engine optimization and much more.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Bangkok Web Studio Plans based on CMS

The biggest advantage to having a BKK Web Studio CMS Plan based website over a traditional one, is obviously the ability to help you manage all of the content updates and creation on the website by our team and even by yourself, if you wish to do so. You don’t have to wait several days and pay for each change, we offer you a designer assigned for your website, ready to update your content week after week, month after month, create new pages, add recent pictures, articles, etc, therefore giving your website visitors the most timely and current details possible.

Top 10 Benefits of a CMS website

  1. Faster implementation and update
  2. SEO and Social Media friendly
  3. Affordable solution
  4. Visually consistent throughout the whole website
  5. Scalable and inspiring
  6. Modular framework, endless plugins and widgets selection
  7. Big community of developers
  8. Maintenance can be done by multiple staff
  9. Interactivity
  10. Allows security enhancements

Do you really need a Bangkok Web Studio CMS Website?

We found some key questions that you should consider regarding CMS:

  • Is your website going to contain more than a few pages?
  • Does your website require regular maintenance and upgrades?
  • Do you plan on making updates more than once a month?
  • Do you want full control over your website?
  • Are you comfortable paying a monthly upfront fee if it works out cheaper in the long run?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then a Content Management System is probably for you.

If you need a very basic website or a very complex one you can get a quotation for your project. Please contact the Sales Department.
They will happily prepare a quotation according to your needs.


If you need a very basic website or a very complex one you can get a quotation for your project.
Please contact the Sales Department

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