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Mascot Design Studio

Brand mascots build engagement even more effectively with mobile and social media.

Helping to remember the name.

They can help to build relationships and amplify emotional connections and they don’t age.

Great Examples: Nesquik, Michelin, M&Ms, Tony The Tiger.


-Do you recognize these companies and their actual name and products?


-If yes, these companies were successful in their efforts to build a brand able mascot.

Just as important as a remarkable logo, a mascot can greatly help you with the branding and exposure of your company. Leaving a lasting impression in the minds of your site visitors and clients is increasingly crucial to having them remember your company. 

Mascots work together with such other branding elements as names, logos, slogans, and jingles to increase the success of a product or brand.

Many new companies are also doing the same with their TV ads. Not only is a mascot building a brand, but it may also bring a catchy tune that sticks in people’s heads

Here at Bangkok Web Studio, our graphic design experts will always take into consideration your business strategy and market, to ensure that your company logo and mascot fit within your concept and potential market segment, thus increasing the productivity of your business.